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  1er Premio   Viviendas Europan 7

1st Prize
Europan 7 Housing

Year: 2016

Type: Vivienda colectiva

Size: < 100000 m2

Location: Europa

Budget: 600 - 1200 €/m2

Client: ÖSW

Authors: Iván Capdevila, Vicente Iborra, Javier Yáñez


From Fallow Land to the "Zitronengelbe Häuser"

An story about Yellow Buildings, Zitronen, Gelbes, Gebäude...

Social Issue:
The experience as a solid basis to project. In this case, a trip to Vienna some months before the competition. That allowed us to understand better the atmosphere the Viennese society has been constructing throughout his history. The life into the cafés, the interpretation of the light at home, the inherited musical instrument or owned are situations that, somehow, have led to this program.
Outskirts are no longer understood like several pieces of the urban pattern added to the old city. The only difference between the outskirts of Vienna and our town is the language that their inhabitants speak.
We would like outskirts to lose this inborn quality and begin to built characteristics environments which reach to identify an urban pattern and, even, to generate new urban centers in a different scale and quality.
In this case, we grasp that musical background to propose a semi-public space on the street level, where pedestrians will merge arbitrarily with their neighbours while they are learning, rehearsing and enjoying the music. On the ground floor then, the typical business premises to let will mix with rooms equipped for music.

Perceptual Issue:
The experience as a solid basis to project. In this case that from the Viennese people. The city, throughout the ages and helped by its economic prosperity, has been modifying its territory through its farming field. Now we make use of its fallow land system like an architectonic strategy. Not only its shape but its function.
We have worked into three layers; each of them defines its own landscape: the lower level is built like a vectorial space; the intermediate takes the fallow land shape; and, the upper level is thought like five small towers reflecting the underground line passing by into the large voids/courtyards under its feet.

Functional Issue:
The experience as a solid basis to project. In this case, ours. We bring the patio-house from the Mediterranean coast to Vienna. The patio like another way of understanding the life inside the house. These patio-houses are placed in a high where there is nothing to see around.
Houses are divided into plots and work like the fallow land. Every house is designed so that all the several interior parts may rotate as this farming system does. Even the structure of this intermediate level is thought so that a certain owner can divide his house or buy and join the other houses.
The towers work in the same way. One house in every floor. A house with four facades. It is designed to allow the same concept of rotation in its interior and the concept of expansion to other floors. In this case, the movement will be vertical.


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